Suzhou Demine Plastic Co.,Ltd is specialized in research and development of  PC polycarbonate. 

We devote our professional and individualized service in international and domestic customers.

We import raw materials from Japan and Germany and introduce co-extrusion equipment from Italy. 

We professionally produce PC film, PC sheet, PC board, PC frosting board, PC particle board, PC noise barrier board, and these PC boards are processed into kinds of forming products. 


DEMINE possess a serials of advanced professional processing equipment 

such as: large hot-forming Plastic Inhaling Machine, CNC Precision Carver, import numeric control punch, Press Brake ,

 Cutting machine, Milling edges machine , Plate mangle , Constant temperature and humidity dryer.

 We accumulate advanced processing technology and processing experiences to specialized in polycarbonate (PC) 

secondary forming process and cutting precision. According to the clients’ design drawings, 

we choose high-quality Polycarbonate board of “ Demine” to process it by kinds of technologys include

 cutting, carving, drilling, bending, milling, polishing, adhesive, sucking molding, blowing molding,

 high temperature compression molding, printing, sandblasting, coating to make sure maintain a specific angle and shape to satisfy requirements of client.

Demine staff deeply aware that it is important to develop the plate processing market and to apply. At the same time we develop the flame resistance, diffusion, anti-UV, blister electroplate mirror, printing, electronic appliances, automobile manufacture, aerospace manufacturing and relative market, which effectively fill up the blank that the domestic high-tech fields demand PC engineering plastic.

DEMINE’s products are suitable for weld field include electrical and machinery equipment panel, visual display, cover, face mask, insulation fittings, hot-forming pieces, motor vehicles, machine, chassis, plastic mold, hardware lighting, clocks, gifts, plastic, electron and so on. The products include PC suck plastic products, PC pressure and bend-forming, PC protective covering for Mechanical Equipment , PC protective covering electronic enclosures, PC face mask, PC film board, PC plates, PC lampshade, PC blister lamp box , lighting shade, PC lens, riot shield, PC crash helmet , taxi guardrail, windshield of a vehicle, explosion proof polycarbonate PC glass, building polycarbonate PC lighting shade and various angles bending products and so on.

Polycarbonate sheets

Warmly welcome the clients to visit our company, we will service you the solutions of PC board processing.

Plastic Fabrications (Custom design, based on the drawing of customer, drawing file: PDF&CAD, STP, and DGW.)

What we do? 

1. Complex, intricate, and difficult machining

2. Precision and tight tolerance machining 

3. Custom, high-volume OEM and short run machining

4. Prototype and “proof of concept “machining

5. Specializing in “tough” plastic material such as: PC, PMMA, etc.

Polycarbonate sheets

Our processing service:

1.Plastic cool and hot bending fabrication.

2.CNC machining/CNC routing



5.Silkscreen printing 






11.Plastic coating processing

12.Plastic parts assembly

Customized size and design are available

The material you can choose:



PP (polypropylene) 

PVC(Polyvinyl chloride)

ABS (Alkyl Benzo sulfonate)


At Demine Plastics, we deliver your order "just the way you want"- We can cut- to- size for linear, angles, contours, hole placement, etc. 

If you have a special requirement, please let us know. We are always here to help.

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